HUBER Secado a baja y media temperatura BT

Secador HUBER BT con sequedad de fangos > 90 % MS

  • Bajo consumo energético
  • Secado total o parcial
  • Integración óptima con fuentes de energía disponibles (calor residual, bomba de calor, etc.)
  • Sequedad controlable gracias al control inteligente
  • Varias referencias en funcionamiento
  • Elevada eficacia económica
  • Diseño según normativa ATEX
  • Mantenimiento sencillo
  • Funcionamiento continuo las 24 h

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Drying of sludge, particularly sewage sludge, has long since been a well established process method applied on modern WWTPs.

Further development of previous drying processes and plants led to the HUBER Middle Temperature Dryer BT, which meets the high requirements in terms of plant operation, economy and environmental compatibility.

The modular system design allows to fulfil individual customer requests and integrate existing plant technology.

HUBER Middle Temperature Dryer BT systems consist of two or several belts arranged on top of each other. The product to be dried is placed onto these belts. Efficient product drying is achieved with the process air flow streaming through the product layer. The low dust production ensures the safe plant concept in compliance with ATEX - EC directive 2014/34/EU and 1999/92/EG. The plants are equipped with an exhaust air treatment system that is adjusted to the specific application and designed to safely meet German TA Luft standards (technical instructions for air pollution prevention as part of the Federal Emission Control Law).

Through flexible use of heating systems for the drying plant different energy sources (hot water, gas, oil, thermo-oil) can be utilized for the process. The integration of process energy available on site is common practice.

HUBER produces, supplies, installs and maintains your drying plant according to your requests and requirements.



Advantages of the HUBER Medium-Temperature Belt Dryer BT

  • Dry, storable, hygienic product
  • Grainy, safe and easy to handle product
  • Reduced emissions and immissions owing to the well-proven exhaust air treatment system
  • Safe plant concept in compliance with ATEX -  EC directive 2014/34/EU and 1999/92/EG
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Low costs for operation and maintenance
  • Very easy operation
  • Full automation


Casos prácticos

Casos prácticos



Esquema de funcionamiento
Esquema de funcionamiento



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