Wastewater Heat recovery: HUBER Solutions for Local and Short Loops

On-site recovery of service water and heat from freshly generated wastewater has obvious advantages. This applies to domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.  Freshly generated wastewater is generally warmer than sewage in sewers, which is a blend of wastewater with cool infiltration and storm water.

There are two options:

  • We can treat fresh and warm wastewater on-site and reuse it as warm service water. This option has the advantage that both, the water itself and the heat contained therein are recovered;
  • We can withdraw heat from warm wastewater through heat exchangers, lift it with a heat pump to a higher temperature level, and reuse it for water heating. This option has the advantage that the recovered heat is provided at a higher temperature.

It depends on the local situation whether one or the other option, or a combination of both, is preferable.