HUBER Global Service successful in Peru: Competence and quality convince our customer Cerro Verde

Southwest of Arequipa, the largest mining company in Peru, Cerro Verde, is located. Mainly opencast copper mining is done there and about 453,000 tons of copper are mined per year. This makes Cerro Verde one of the top 5 mines in the world.

The company operates a total of 6 wastewater treatment plants, which were equipped with 58 HUBER machines in 2015. Among others, 12 HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® units and 12 HUBER STEP SCREEN® SSV, 10 HUBER Wash Press WAP® and 10 HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8T units are installed there.

As the HUBER STEP SCREEN® in particular has to handle exceptionally high grit loads, its lamellae are subject to very high wear and tear and must therefore be regularly inspected and replaced to maintain high screen performance.

Due to this fact and the associated expenses, our customer initially tried to save costs for these original spare parts and had them manufactured locally.

However, this only led to short-term savings as the locally manufactured lamellae for our HUBER STEP SCREEN® SSV units did not match the high manufacturer quality of HUBER original spare parts. In addition to the very short service life of the parts, they also caused far more expensive damages to the machines.

As part of a HUBER service consultant tour, our service consultant visited all the mine's wastewater treatment plants. Together with the responsible operating personnel, a detailed inventory and condition assessment of all machines was carried out. It was pointed out to the customer that only HUBER original spare and wear parts meet the requirements of our machines and that only by professional installation of these original parts all machine components matched to them will function optimally and without defects.

Since then, the customer has only trusted in original HUBER spare and wear parts and is absolutely satisfied with them.

Through our HUBER Service Centre in Peru we can offer our customers the best possible HUBER Service support on site. We would like to thank everyone for the confidence placed in us and hope for continued good cooperation between our South American customer Cerro Verde, HUBER Global Service Germany and HUBER Service Peru.