Research and Innovation

State-of-the-art analysis at our new certified laboratory
The Huber research team

HUBER INNOVATION – Ideas for Water

We develop and test our new technologies at our headquarters in Berching. To adapt them to the different specific requirements prevailing in the individual countries around the world, additional on site testing is carried out. The implementation of demonstration projects, in cooperation with research institutes, ensures the reliable operation and know-how transfer with package solutions in other countries. Our goal is the development of new technologies and sustainable solutions.

Hereby, we focus also on closing regional water, material and energy cycles: the treatment of municipal wastewater close to the source is one of the main goals of DeSa/R® (Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse), so that the treated water can be safely reused for irrigation of agricultural land, infiltration or as toilet flush water. In cooperation with internationally renowned research facilities, and partly on its own, the HUBER SE runs various ambitious research projects worldwide in order to demonstrate how to close regional cycles by means of simple and cost-effective technologies. Wastewater is no longer considered waste material but a "secondary" raw material for the recovery of service water, fertilizer and energy.

Our research activities cover a wide range of applications:

  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Mechanical Chemical Treatment
  • Membrane Technology
  • Urine Treatment
  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Rainwater Treatment

Our new certified laboratory at our headquarters in Berching provides state-of-the-art analysis equipment for the determination of more than 30 different wastewater parameters (hardness, chlorides, etc.) in accordance with the presently applicable standard methods. The floc structure and diversity of microorganisms in activated sludge are analyzed microscopically. Our laboratory carries out among others the required analyses within the scope of regular maintenance of small onsite sewage treatment plants.

For more details on our comprehensive Research projects, please download our informative brochure about HUBER INNOVATION - Research Projects Worldwide.